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Integrated Circuits

Posted on: November 25th, 2011 by admin

Are you in the business of electronic parts distribution, manufacturing or assembly? Do you need help managing your inventory? Whether it’s hard-to-find parts you’re looking for or an excess inventory you need to trim down, an electronic components distributor can help you buy or sell almost anything. From diodes to integrated circuits, we deal in all types of components and our trained sales technicians are waiting to help you get the best deal possible. Whether you’re buying or selling parts, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at IC Plus, we have a huge inventory of obsolete, surplus and discontinued items ready to ship to you today. Our simple, fast electronic component part search tool makes it easy for you to locate exactly what you need. With over twenty years experience in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with leading manufacturers of integrated circuits, transistors, capacitors and more. We understand how important it is to you to do business with an honest company you can trust, and it’s easy to trust a company with clients such as the military and large CM manufacturers, who come to us with their major parts procurement needs.

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But remember, we don’t just sell parts. We also buy surplus crystals, surplus resonators and surplus integrated circuits, to name a few. Whether your electronic components are active or passive, leaded or RoHS compliant, we will pay you absolute top dollar for your excess inventory. You can either call or visit us online to see how we can help you get rid of what you don’t need, and quickly.

Integrated Circuits

We offer our customers several options when it comes to selling their inventories. Perhaps you just don’t have the space to manage those surplus integrated circuits, or you have no use for the obsolete semiconductors taking up valuable storage space. We offer you the choice of buying your excess inventory outright or helping you set up a consignment where you are. We have space in our brand new bonded warehouse facility in which we can set up a consignment for you, as well. So no matter what, if you are looking to unload excess inventory with the help of a trusted leader in the electronic components distribution industry, we are here to help with a solution that works with your business model.

Our connections with leading industry manufacturers virtually ensures you the highest quality parts money can buy. Our components manufacturers include such trusted names as Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor, among others. So you will never have to worry about the quality of the parts or the integrity of the service. At IC Plus, we are here for you, and are glad to be of service in assisting you with all of your electronic components inventory needs.

Semiconductors and our everyday technology

Posted on: October 14th, 2011 by admin

You may not know it, but throughout an average day, you are likely to come in contact with hundreds of semiconductors. Semiconductors are the building blocks of a myriad of today’s technology. They reside in everything we use on a daily basis, from your computer, to your cell phone, to radios. Semiconductors conduct electricity due to electron flow and are made of a variety of materials including silicon, arsenic, selenium and tellurium. The majority of commercial semiconductors manufactured are made of silicon.

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Semiconductor devices are electronic components that are manufactured as single discrete devices and as integrated circuits (ICs) which are made of devices manufactured and interconnected on a single semiconductor.  There are a number of semiconductor devices out there that are classified by number of terminal devices. Two-terminal semiconductor devices are diodes, solar cells and laser diodes. Three-terminal semiconductor devices include silicon controlled rectifiers, thyristors and bipolar transistors. There are also multi-terminal devices like microprocessors and integrated circuits.

Because semiconductors are used in almost every technology that consumers now own and use, it is easier than ever to buy or sell surplus semiconductors online. Today, you can find thousands of vendors that are buying and selling used and surplus semiconductors. The majority offer you warranties on the products they buy and sell.

If you are an electronics component company looking to buy semiconductors online, consider visiting IC Plus. IC Plus is the industry leader in selling semiconductors online. IC Plus has an easy-to-use electronic parts database that allows you to search and find the specific semiconductors you are hoping to buy.

IC Plus, not only provides one of the best quality service approaches to obsolete and hard to find component procurement, we also provide a wide array of services. And once you find the semiconductors you are in the market for, IC Plus has the capability, in most cases, to ship your product to you the very next day. So if you’re looking to buy semiconductors online, you can’t go wrong contacting IC Plus to buy semiconductors. IC Plus guaranties all the products it sells. Each electronic component that comes to IC Plus is tested and reviewed through our 72 point review process. If you buy semiconductors online from IC Plus and aren’t happy for any reason, we will offer you a 30-day, money-back guarantee on your online order.

If you are an electronic components company with excess semiconductor inventory, consider selling your semiconductors online through IC Plus. IC Plus has a painless transaction process and offers you a number of ways to sell your surplus electronic parts through lot purchases, on-site consignment or off-site consignment. So if you are looking to sell your semiconductor surplus to make room for your new inventory, selling to IC Plus is a simple way to rid yourself of excess inventory.  IC Plus also offers options for you to keep your surplus semiconductor inventory at your own site while we use our extensive network of electronic component buyers to find suitable buyers for your surplus semiconductors.

Buying and selling semiconductors online has never been easier.

Excess Electrical Components Inventory

Posted on: July 5th, 2011 by admin

Integrated circuits: Integrated circuits are a small electronic device that is made of semiconductor materials. They have a very funny history, because at almost the exact same time, two inventors made two similar integrated circuits, without knowing about one another’s work. So, great minds did think alike in this case, but the inventor that took the Nobel Prize in 2000 for his work was Jack S. Kilby. The other inventor, Robert Noyce became the co-founder of Intel, one of the largest producers of integrated circuits today.

Before this great invention, the scientists were using vacuum tubes in every attempt of building complex electrical circuits. Vacuum tubes were huge and they were generating a lot of heat that was very common to burn out. Imagine that the first digital computer ever build had a weight of 30 tones and 18000 vacuum tubes.

From the first prototype of integrated circuits developed until now, progresses have been made very quickly. The microchips that are being produced these days are containing millions of components on a very small area, comparable with a fingernail. The progress went so far that today there can be put thousands of transistors on an area equal with the cross section of a human hair. The expansion in this area is still going on and every year more improvements appear.

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Integrated circuits are being used for a variety of devices like microprocessors, audio and video equipment, even automobiles. As a categorize by the number of the electronic components that they contain, there are SSI (small scale integration), MSI (medium scale integration), LSI (large scale integration), VLSI (very large scale integration) and ULSI (ultra large scale integration).


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But the three most important classifications for the integrated circuits are digital integrated circuits, mixed signal integrated circuits and analog integrated circuits. The first is being used in making computer system, but also they can be found on cell phones, stereos or televisions and they include microprocessors, microcontrollers and logic circuits. Mixed signal integrated circuits can be found in cell phones, instrumentation, motor and industrial control applications. They can convert digital signals to analog signals, convert digital signals to waveforms so that digital instruments can play music. Analog integrated circuits are mostly used in power supplies, instruments and communications and they have the ability of amplifying, filtering and modifying the electrical signals. For examples, in cell phones, analog integrated circuits filter and amplify the incoming signal from the phone’s antenna.