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Archive for September, 2011

Let the Surplus Electronics Industry

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by admin

surplus electronic parts

Technology is always changing and evolving. It’s a simple fact. So how can you, as a manufacturer of electronic products, keep up? We know you can’t afford to keep every electronic component, be it an integrated circuit or specialty electronic part, on-hand without running out of space at your warehouse. Luckily, we’re going to let you in on the biggest little secret in the electronic parts industry. Surplus Electronics suppliers.  You can find thousands of vendors that are buying and selling used and surplus electronic parts and electronic components. The majority of which, offer you warranties on the products they buy and sell.

The Surplus Electronic Industry is growing, right alongside with the technology parts it provides. That means better prices, better access to the parts you are looking for, and of course, better service. IC Plus is one such company. Located in Southern California, IC Plus has been buying and selling surplus electronic parts and integrated circuits for more than 20 years. IC Plus is known in the industry as paying the best price for a variety of components and integrated circuits. IC Plus has an easily searchable database of parts, a painless transaction process and offers you a number of ways to sell your surplus electronic parts through lot purchases, on-site consignment or off-site consignment.

Lot Purchases

IC Plus has the ability to buy your company’s surplus inventory on a lot basis or outright. A common problem with surplus electronic parts are certain buyers will only choose to purchase a few items. That leaves you with an excess of a number of electronic components. IC Plus wants to be there for you for you in the long-term, whatever your excess needs.

Onsite Consignment

In some instances, the only way you might be able to sell electronic components and integrated circuits to sell it onsite. In this case, what IC Plus does is negotiate a purchase price for all of the surplus electronics that you would like to sell. In this scenario, IC Plus requires exclusive access to the products to ensure availability. In addition, IC Plus requires you to provide someone from your company to be the point person to contact to process orders and update inventory.

Offsite Consignment

One of the most cost-effective ways to rid yourself of surplus electronic components is to allow IC Plus to consign your goods from our facility. Our warehouse is secure and large enough to accommodate all of your surplus goods.

Having your excess products out of your facility and into our warehouse, not only makes room for you, but it allows us to better sell your electronic components. With the parts on hand, we are able to advertise the electronic parts a customer wants as in-stock. In addition, we are able to ship a part by next-day deliver to our extensive, loyal customer base.

By having us handle the selling aspect of your surplus means that you don’t have to dedicate someone from your staff to act a as a liaison and saves man hours.

Buy Electronic Components

In addition to offering the best prices for companies to sell off their surplus of electronic parts, IC Plus also is a leader selling electronic components and integrated circuits to those who are looking for a specific electronic component.

Check out IC Plus’s growing database of surplus electronic components today.


Thyristors – the choice electronic component for supplying power to circuits.

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by admin

buy surplus thyristors

If your electronic component needs include dealing with large sources of power, you may be in the market for thyristors. Also known as silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR), a thyristor is a four-layer semiconductor that is built to handle large amounts of power. The thyristor’s specialty is controlling power circuits. The thryristor electronic parts can be turned off or on, but typically can only be turned off by switching the direction of the current.  In addition to being turned off and on, thyristors can allow the amount of power to be controlled by adjusting the angle of the current. A simple example of this type of use is the dimmer on a light switch.

The idea for the thyristor was conceived in the 1950’s, by one of the creators of the transistor, but it didn’t gain popularity until a decade later when it was brought to the general consumer market by General Electric.  Thyristors soon became the choice electronic components to buy for supplying power circuits.

In the early 1970’s the electronic parts were even being used in color televisions to help stabilize power their supplies. Thyristors also have a long history of use in the motion picture industry and theaters where they replaced older technology.

Thyristors work differently from other electronic components as no current actually flows across the device. When a power supply is connected to the device a small amount flows into the gate and the thyristor fires and conducts. The thyristor then remains conducting until the power supply is removed. .

The electronic components are generally made from silicon because it can handle high voltage and power currents. Silicon is also known for its thermal properties. Silicon is also affordable and can be bought and sold cheaply for manufacturing use.

Analogue electronics often make use of thyristor technology. Thyristor circuits are widely used and available at affordable prices. IC Plus is a certified electronic component distributor and has access to stocks of newer and obsolete surplus thyristor components. The company sells surplus thyristors made from all kinds of manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for a Gate Turn-Off Thyristors (GTO), Reverse Conducting Thyristors (RCT), a Base Resistance Controlled Thyristor or a Static Induction Thyristor (SITh), chances are, IC Plus has the surplus thyristors components you are searching for at an affordable price. Buying surplus thyristors for your electronic component needs is the smart, affordable way to go. IC Plus ensures all of the surplus electronic it buys or sells are the of the highest quality functioning components. If you have surplus thyristors that you would like to sell, IC Plus buys lot purchases or will sell your surplus thyristor inventory for you.

There is no harm in buying surplus thyristors for your large power sourcing needs. IC Plus buys excess inventory, which means many the thyristors you buy from IC Plus are brand new and you have the benefit of getting a great deal. IC Plus looks forward to helping you will all of your electronic component buying needs. Click here to start searching for the surplus thyristors that you are in the market to buy. Our search system will quickly and easily help you find the electronic parts you are looking for.