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Hitachi Semiconductor
2000 Sierra Point Pkwy.
Brisbane, CA 94005-1835 USA
Phone: (650) 589-8300
Web Site:

Hitachi Semiconductor Distributor

Hello and welcome to I.C. Plus, Inc. We are the leader in supplying hard to find or obsolete Hitachi Semiconductor components. I.C. Plus, Inc stocks hundreds of thousands of Hitachi partsparts in our ISO 9001:2008 certified (pending) industrial warehouse to ensure the highest quality (NON – COUNTERFEIT) parts. I.C. Plus, Inc is an inventory distributor of Hitachi Semiconductor components you can count on us to offer you the best prices and the fastest shipping in the industry.

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About Hitachi Semiconductor

  • Completed six-transistor miniature portable radio Electron
    microscopes awarded the grand prix at the World Exposition in Brussels.
  • Completed electronic computers based on transistors which then lead to Hitachi America, Ltd.
    being established.
  • Developed LTP processing technique for silicon transistors
  • Developed core technology for 4.7-Gbyte DVD-RAM
  • Developed magnetocardiography technology for scanning cardiac patients
  • Developed small proton accelerator for cancer treatment
  • Developed 320-Gbit/s optical data transmission system
  • Developed refrigerator/air conditioner with PAM control
  • Commercialized lithium secondary battery using manganese system
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