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Circuit Protection

IC Plus, Inc. has been in business over 20 years and is one of the most trusted companies in the industry who stocks Circuit Protection devices. Located in Torrance, California, IC Plus is ISO 9001:2008 Certified (pending) . Our commitment to adhering to the highest quality and standards has set us apart from other Circuit Protection device stocking distributors. To locate the exact part you are looking for, please use our part search tool or, give us call at (310) 378-7715. You can also email us at: and a sales associate will be more than happy to assist you.

Network protectors are a type of protective electronic components used in electricity distribution systems. The function of the Network Protector is to automatically connect and disconnect its associated power transformer from the secondary network when the power starts flowing in reverse direction. They are applied on both spot networks and grid networks.

Typically the network protector is set to close when the voltage difference and phase angle are such that the transformer will supply power to the secondary grid. Conversely the network protector is set to open when the voltage difference and phasing angle is such that the secondary grid would back-feed through the transformer and supply power to the primary circuit.

A surge protector (or surge suppressor) is an appliance designed to protect electronic components from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. This article primarily discusses specifications and components relevant to the type of protector that diverts (shorts) a voltage spike to ground; however, there is some coverage of other methods.

The terms surge protection device (SPD), or the obsolescent term transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), are used to describe electrical devices typically installed in power distribution panels, process control systems, communications systems, and other heavy-duty industrial systems, for the purpose of protecting against electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning. Scaled-down versions of these devices are sometimes installed in residential service entrance electrical panels, to protect equipment in a household from similar hazards

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To locate the exact part you are looking for, please use our part search utility or, give us call at (310) 378-7715.

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