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I.C. Plus is a top certified RoHS compliant company
becoming the distributor of choice for many companies.
We specialize in providing excess inventory solutions;
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Consignment at OUR Facility

If you are looking for the highest return in the long run, consider consigning your inventory at our facility. We have a brand new, state-of-the-art, fully ESD compliant, secured warehouse that can handle all of your excess.

Our quality control and warehouse staff who handle the material are highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of ESD requirements, quality control, and part check-in. Our sales force works hard to get the best return on your inventory investment by selling to our global account base. We also include your inventory in our ever-growing marketing programs, such as inventory posting websites.

Consigning at our ESD compliant facility is much more successful than consigning your inventory with multiple companies at your facility. In this day and age, many companies that call for parts need the product shipped over night. IC Plus advertises your stock as In-Stock, which will greatly benefit your company by allowing us to get it to the end user immediately. Companies looking for product primarily contact our company first because they know the product can ship the same day, and that the product is in our facility and has been properly inspected.

For more information on how consignment works, click here. To get a consignment started, call us at 310-378-7715, or e-mail you list to


  • Highest possible returns with no hassle on your part.
  • Allowing only one company to consign your product actually increases its value because you are preventing other companies from actively bidding against each other for the same product; thus, cutting your profit.


  • Consigning is a long-term strategy for getting the highest possible returns on your excess inventory. You will not immediately sell the entire lot.