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Our state of the art technology allows us to monitor
global prices, trends and inventories... instantly
I.C. Plus is a top certified RoHS compliant company
becoming the distributor of choice for many companies.
We specialize in providing excess inventory solutions;
let us create a solution for your excess inventory needs.


There are times when consigning inventory at your facility is the only option, though we have found this method is the least productive overall. Here’s how it works: We coordinate a purchase price with you (possibly a percentage of your standard) for all the items in question, and then we procure those items on an item-by-item basis as needed.

Two things are required for this program: We must have exclusive access to the material so that we can ensure availability, and you must have an in-house representative who we can contact at all times to process orders and update inventory consistently.

To get a consignment started, call us at 310-378-7715, or e-mail your list to


You retain physical control of inventory, which can also be a disadvantage.


  • We are unable to offer your stock as In-Stock – which is one of the most successful ways for your inventory to be sold.
  • IC Plus, Inc will be unable to meet the demands of customers looking to have product by the next business day.
  • You must take up your own valuable warehouse space.
  • You will need to have an individual dedicated to shipping orders and updating inventory.