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Our state of the art technology allows us to monitor
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I.C. Plus is a top certified RoHS compliant company
becoming the distributor of choice for many companies.
We specialize in providing excess inventory solutions;
let us create a solution for your excess inventory needs.

Entire Lot Buys

IC Plus has the capability to purchase your company’s excess inventory outright on a lot basis. Once you have complied a spreadsheet of the items that you are ready to disposition right now, please e-mail the list to or contact us by phone at 310-378-7715.

Be careful of companies that are willing to purchase individual line items from your excess inventory list. After that company purchases only a few key line items, you may be left with items that have little to no value, leaving you with a majority of your components and no buyer. Although your recovery on a few key individual line items may be high, your overall recovery will be much lower. This is why IC Plus prefers to buy lists by the lot; we are looking to establish a long-term relationship in helping you cope with your excess inventory both now and in the future.


  • Quick and easy
  • Allows your company to take a single write-off and realize an immediate cash profit.
  • Helps your company relieve the cost burden associated with carrying and warehousing inventory that you are no longer using.
  • Clears warehouse of obsolete parts, which creates more space and eliminates quality problems.


  • Recovery on your investment tends to be lower than consigning your materials at our facility.